About us

Shailesh Sir


Shailesh Sir completed his B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. He has Qualified GATE Four times (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) and many other competitive examinations. Being amongst the class of toppers, he knows how to get into good rankers in IIT-JEE.
He strongly believes in mentorship than conventional teaching; that’s why he started to mentoring students from 2015 and many students from Engineering, Poly-technique and JEE experienced new way of learning. The techniques and shortcut tricks helped many students to achieve good results in Mathematics.
He strongly believes that mistakes and failures are the biggest support for success in any field. That’s why in Maths, mistakes are expected, inspected, respected and corrected. Most of the students think that it is very difficult to get success in competitive exams like JEE, but the reality is that it is very easy to achieve the desired results with proper planning, good teaching, proper guidance and lots of hard work. All these things are cemented here in E4E Maths Academy.
For the aspirants aiming for good engineering colleges, we provide all the guidance as we are actually working with engineering students. This senior-junior combo ultimately helps the students to decide the pathway of future.
At E4E, we simply help students to find their voice, capabilities, strength and their passion. At the end of them, we want you to grow and become more and more successful in life. This is what E4E is all about!